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Free Nitrogen

Nitrogen – free with all new tyres at Humphrey’s Tyres

Nitrogen tyre inflation has been used in all aircraft tyres, major truck fleets, race cars, military vehicles and even Tour de France bicycles for many years now.

Humphrey’s Auto Care in Southport won’t charge you for nitrogen like the other tyre shops – we do it for free! This is a saving of up to $40 per vehicle.

We use red valve caps to remind you there is Nitrogen in your tyres and provide free top ups for the life of your new tyres purchased at Humphrey’s Auto Care, Southport.

Humphrey’s Auto Care your locally owned family business servicing the Gold Coast region.

There are major advantages with Nitrogen tyre inflation with up to:

  • 30% increase in tyre life;
  • 25% less chance of a puncture;
  • increase in fuel economy of up to 10%;
  • better performance and safer to drive on wet roads;
  • holds your wheel alignment more accurate for longer;
  • makes your tyres low maintenance, with four to six times longer between pressure checks;
  • Nitrogen is able to achieve this as Nitrogen molecules are four times larger than air, and air leaks through the tyre casing four to six times faster than Nitrogen;
  • Humphrey’s Auto Care is one of the only business on the Gold Coast that has Nitrogen generating machines on site, we don’t buy it in, the benefit is more pure nitrogen and unlimited supply.

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