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3D Wheel Alignment – $66

Have you noticed that your tyres are wearing on the outside or inside edge but you seem to have plenty of tread left in the middle of the tyre? Your steering wheel is not straight or that your car pulls or drifts to one side? These are all indications that your wheel alignment is out of alignment. If you don’t get this fixed you will continue to prematurely wear out your tyres – this is costing you money! Having a 3D four wheel alignment can fix this.

All wheel alignments are not the same, technology has come a long way and at Humphrey’s Auto Care in Southport we have the latest in technology 3D four wheel alignment machine. These are the most accurate aligners in the world, ensuring longer tyre wear, better fuel economy and a better driving experience.

Thrust alignment

Where the rear wheels are not adjustable the front wheel are aligned to the thrust angle of the rear wheels, the vehicle will track straight and the steering wheel will be centred.

Front and Rear Alignment

Where rear wheels are adjustable, all four wheels are aligned to the geometric centre line of the vehicle, the vehicle will track straight and the steering wheel will be centred.

4 wheel align

Symptoms of a misaligned vehicle

  • Excessive or uneven tyre wear.
  • Vehicle drifts of or pulls to one side.
  • Wandering or loose feeling.
  • Steering wheel off centre.

Tips: Nitrogen filled tyres will hold your alignment in specification longer.

When aligning your vehicle, make sure where you have it done not only has a four wheel alignment machine but a four wheel alignment hoist! This means your vehicle wheels must sit on turn and slide plates to achieve accurate adjustment to manufactures specification, surprisingly most shops still only have a hoist with 2 turn plates under the front wheels. Rear wheel cannot be accurately adjusted.

Always align new tyres when fitted, your old tyres rubber is hard and will not always show misalignment symptoms on the tyre, once a new tyre starts wearing uneven its wear life is dramatically reduced.

REMEMBER: Your alignment effects not only fuel consumption and tyre life, but, your safety and your vehicles grip on wet roads!

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